KYA is a virtual place where Kundalini Yoga teachers and students can grow in awareness by sharing the experience of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. The KYA’s mission is to enlighten people about what the essence of Kundalini Yoga is, so that they can apply it and manifest it successfully throughout their lives.

During the training and in daily practice there is not always enough time to appreciate all the different facets of the science of Kundalini Yoga with the necessary precision and awareness. To assist this process,  KYA examines, in depth, the different teaching modules.

All these areas have common threads, i.e. to become self-aware, to assume responsibility for  manifesting every facet of oneself,  to serve other human beings in the best possible way through a precise, methodical progression of the Self with a righteous attitude that dissolves the ties that bind us to our karma and consequently to our environment, both locally and globally.

KYA with its programs serves teacher training, teachers, practitioners and scholars.