realizationThe great yogis and masters of the past related to yoga as an art and a science. Their approach was devotional, their study was methodical, and their observation analytical. Few of them were able to understand the whole process from ignorance to mastery precisely.
One of the,  Patanjali, ‘Lord of the Snakes’, managed to map this process scientifically, practically, psychologically and technically and was able to explain it to others. His eight limbs of yoga are the coordinates to recognize the path.



IMG_0176Our teacher, Yogi Bhajan, was nanoscopically looking at the last 4 limbs, he discovered the 21 stages(of meditation) that are the footprints for walking the pathway from fear to love. They are impressive, precise and concrete. They make sense of what we experience, struggle or enjoy during meditation. They explain how to deal with what happens in daily meditation. They motivate us to contain and allow the dynamics between the conscious and subconscious minds. They are an invitation to excel because they are real and elegant.

The course in itself is an extraordinary opportunity to deepen our meditation experience, to rediscover the motivation and direction in our own practice and Sadhana, to widen and open up our consciousness into the vastness of Kundalini Yoga.  The experience is divided into 3 journeys giving  time to process and integrate the work between them.

The  3 phases are: Self Crystallization – Self Expression – Self Transcendence