awakeningThe Level 2 Teacher Training encourages and supports the process of transformation obtained by the practice of Kundalini Yoga and is divided into five modules that develop five key aspects of awareness.



  • Conscious Communication
  • Mind and Meditation
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Life cycles and lifestyle
  • Vitality and Stress

Conscious Communication –  Reach another and elevate through the power of the word. Become aware of what it means to communicate on a higher level. Every spoken word has its own magnetic field, its own power and effect. Learn to communicate in a direct, simple and effective manner, without being in conflict with what you express or with your intentions. Learn to align your own projection, your verbal and subtle messages in order to communicate intelligently and creatively. Understand how to speak and listen in a meditative way.

Mind and Meditation – Conquer the mind and “conquer” the world. To understand the nature, structure and dynamics of the mind is essential to be able to act effectively and fully realize your potential. Learn to improve your ability to observe in a neutral and stable way. Recognize the intrigues of  the mind, understand how to use the impersonal minds, the aspects and projections of the mind in view to living fuller lives. Increase the depth of meditation. Mastering the mind is related to mastering the practice of meditation.

Authentic Relationships – Completely open up to your true identity in the matrix of conscious relationships. Learn how we form and honor the relationships in your lives. Learn how to create an authentic relationship with yourself, with your soul and with others in every area of your lives. Understand the impact and dynamics of the polarities within your relationships in order to experience them creatively. Learn how to act from your own true self to avoid polluting your relationships with fear and defensiveness.  Learn how to use them in an uplifting way for yourself and others.

Life cycles and lifestyle – Discover the mystery and mastery in every cycle of your life. Understand the value of your own life and the potential to be able to live happily beyond all circumstances. Clearly understand who you are, what your purpose is, which direction you must take and what your destiny is. Learn to move within the cycles of life so as to seize the opportunities that belong to the times we are living, develop your potential and grow in awareness.

Vitality and Stress – Cultivate your own stature so as to lead yourself and others throughout life’s challenges. Gain the vitality to face every difficulty consciously, with courage and success.  Gain the ability to recognize stress in yourselves and others,  learn to master and transform it.


“The affirmations for this course are: I thrive even under stress and challenges: I am a spiritual warrior who leads , uplifts and  delivers effective decisions. I have the mental and spiritual endurance  to overcome any crisis and be a beacon to navigate and excel in the Aquarian Age.”

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