fioreThe program “Crystallizing the Diamond ” sets out to refine and enhance our personal practice of the technology, so that we may implement it with greater awareness and potency.
In the training and in the daily practice there is not always enough time to acquire all the different facets of the technology with satisfactory depth and precision. Thus, we may not be in a position to make the most out of our practice.


header-calendarioEach module of Crystallizing the Diamond is specializes in one aspect of the technology and builds on the foundations given in the training.
Each aspect will be fully presented and practiced with in-depth understanding and precision.
Each module will demonstrate how the practice of the given facet of the technology is complete in itself, and when practiced correctly can facilitate a ‘state of yoga’ – merging the finite with the Infinite consciousness. Each module also places the given facet in the context of Kundalini Yoga kriyas. Thus it experientially demonstrates how the refined practice of any given aspect substantially enhances the effects of kriya. Further self-study between appointments will help the student to perfect and consolidate their acquisition of each aspect.

By the end of this program, we will be in a position to implement contemporarily the various facets with increased awareness while practicing any Kundalini Yoga kriya.
In this way, our personal practice (Sadhana) will become highly effective in crystallizing the Diamond of the Self to completion (Aradhana), enabling the Light of the Soul to shine forth as a beacon for all (Prabhupati).

The innovative idea of Crystallizing the Diamond was to call to teach in a single course Teachers who had learned directly from the Master and had themselves experienced the technique. The program was created by Sadhana Singh in 2009 and is active ever since in organizatoion of Hari Bhajan Kaur – Read her testomony on the first Yoga of Asana in Rome.

The Yoga of Asana
The Yoga of Pranayama
The Yoga of Pratyahar
Yama and Niyama