Cristalizing the Diamond

Pranayama (1), Helsinki


Teacher Sadhana Singh
The Art of Expanding the Primary Unit, the Life Force

“Every breath brings a chance. It brings a choice about what to say, what to do, where to go. In every breath, there’s a seed for happiness”  — Yogi Bhajan

To master our life and mind, we must first master our breath. Breath is the key to effective action and thought. It is the key to placing a creative seed in our heart, and having it bloom in our actions.
Where there is movement there is prana. Anytime we move a thought, a feeling or our body successfully, we organize our prana to support that action. The pranic body, if aligned and charged properly, is the field of potential action that supports us and guarantees success.

The Yoga of Pranayama explores the implications and mechanisms of breathing to contact our soul and awaken our awareness. Understanding, experiencing and mastering Pranayama, will lead us to hold a practical tool for living life to our fullest potential.

Program: The daily breath and the relationship with the solar system. Managing the units of the available pranic. Create the conditions to evoke the correct human breathing. Pranayama to alter the states of consciouness.

Next dates:

  • 23/25 November 2018 Teacher Ram Rattan Singh;
    Anatomy and physiology of breathing. Correct use of the diaphragm. Application of specific kriyas in diseases. Advanced Kryas of Pranayama.
  • 22/24 February 2019 Teacher Avtar Kaur;
    Advanced yogic breathing. Pranayama in specific asanas. Nadi and Vayu involved in the actof breathing.
    Mystical aspects of the breath. Transition between life and death.
  • 26/28 April 2019 Teacher Sadhana Singh;
    Pranayama and the rhythm of life. Pranayama as an instrument of postural realignment and as antidote to stress.

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