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Sadhana Singh together with his wife Puran Sukh Kaur founded the Waldzell Leadership Institute. The institute offers trainings, consulting services and individualized programs for companies, designed to bring excellence and full self-realization by accessing our deepest innate resources through cleansing the subconscious mental and emotional patterns that block us.
Sadhana Singh is committed to bring the mission of the yoga Master Harbhajan Singh Khalsa to the wider public, especially into the environment of education and business. He focuses on the Kundalini Yoga branch of “The Science of Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success”, which he structured and developed into trainings for different target groups. In corporations “The Science of Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success” is delivered through specialized and individually designed corporate exertiveness programs as well as the intense leadership training “Psychology of Excellence”.
He has taught courses with programs developed according to individual needs in public and private companies as : Philip Morris, Generali Ina Assitalia,Telecom, FIM, Lierac, Bioderma, Romero Group, Omibis.
During the last years, Sadhana Singh has taught university master courses on “Leadership and Success” in public and private universities in Italy – IUSM (Italian University of Sport and Movement), LUISS, (Guido Carli Private University of Economics and Political Science) – and abroad: Catholic University of Lima, Peru, Faculty of Economics, University of Quito, Ecuador.
His in-depth study and research in the field of Kundalini Yoga has also inspired him as an author of more Than 10 titles.

Recently, Sadhana Singh and his wife also founded AEQUANIME, wich provides a triple combination of solutions targeted at having a balanced life, the key for a perfect interaction between body, mind and spirit. It offers a “triangulation” of interconnected methods working on the respective human levels: Know-how: attitudes, approaches. Technique: exercises, breathing, meditation, diet. Formulae: nutritional supplements of natural functional food.

Ever grateful to Yogi Bhajan, Sadhana Singh dedicates much of his time to counseling, using his in-depth experience of the teachings to guide and uplift others.